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Welcome to Milspouse Matters, the podcast dedicated to encouraging military spouses!

I’m your host Jen McDonald, and I was a military spouse for 30 years until my husband’s retirement. We lived all around the world, raised four kids, and dealt with all the challenges and adventures of military life, just like you! I’m also the author of two books for military spouses. Over the years, I came to believe that we military spouses are tough, but we're only stronger together. Whether you’re a new or more seasoned spouse…Whatever life is throwing your way?  Let’s talk about it!

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May 25, 2022

This week, I’m talking to Mary Monrose and Candus Griffin, military spouses, mothers, and hosts of the Shine Sis podcast.

I first connected with them on Instagram, where I saw their posts and loved the positive message they were sharing.

When I realized they were also military spouses, I knew we had to talk!

About Shine Sis: It’s hard trying to find your purpose in life, especially when you are consumed with always putting your family first. Join Military spouses Candus Griffin and Mary Monrose, as they share life experiences and interview guests who can help you be successful in your journey. If you ever felt like your life was moving without direction or if you felt limited by your circumstances, then this podcast is for you. 

You'll hear how Candus and Mary met and decided to start a podcast, some of their tips for deployment, finding their own place and purpose in the military space, and what’s coming for Shine Sis as they look to give back to other women. You’ll surely relate to some of their story! Listen to Shine Sis here or in your favorite podcast player. Connect with Shine Sis on Instagram: @shine_sis_podcast

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