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Welcome to Milspouse Matters, the podcast dedicated to encouraging military spouses!

I’m your host Jen McDonald, and I was a military spouse for 30 years until my husband’s retirement. We lived all around the world, raised four kids, and dealt with all the challenges and adventures of military life, just like you! I’m also the author of two books for military spouses. Over the years, I came to believe that we military spouses are tough, but we're only stronger together. Whether you’re a new or more seasoned spouse…Whatever life is throwing your way?  Let’s talk about it!

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Mar 8, 2020

Have you dealt with the emotional build up leading up to deployment? Have you wondered why the service member's homecoming isn't like what you see on TV or the movies?

Maybe you're struggling, and you think you're the only one.

Then take a listen to this discussion with experienced military wife Terri Laurent, who's been through multiple deployments with her husband. (This is part two of our talk--listen to part one on Episode 31, all about mentoring).

On this episode, we talk about preparing your heart and marriage for deployment, as well as some tips for reintegration--that time period after the service member returns home from a long separation/deployment. 


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