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Welcome to Milspouse Matters, the podcast dedicated to encouraging military spouses!

I’m your host Jen McDonald, and I was a military spouse for 30 years until my husband’s retirement. We lived all around the world, raised four kids, and dealt with all the challenges and adventures of military life, just like you! I’m also the author of two books for military spouses. Over the years, I came to believe that we military spouses are tough, but we're only stronger together. Whether you’re a new or more seasoned spouse…Whatever life is throwing your way?  Let’s talk about it!

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Jun 23, 2022

On this episode, I'm talking to Julie Tully, the author of the upcoming book, Dispatches from the Cowgirl: Through the Looking Glass with a Navy Diplomat's Wife. 

Julie is the spouse of a Foreign Area Officer and has spent the last 18 years living overseas in different countries in Africa and Europe. In fact, Julie recorded this episode from Italy, right smack in the middle of a PCS move!

She’s a cowgirl-turned-nomadic Navy spouse and she writes about life, culture, and the places where they intersect. Julie and I cover a lot of this topics in this episode, including her family’s multiple tours overseas, how it’s felt being “America” to the people they’ve lived among, her life as the spouse of a Foreign Area Officer, tips for moving overseas, the story behind her upcoming book, their soon return to the U.S., and how her son—who’s never lived in the U.S.— feels about it all!

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