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Welcome to Milspouse Matters, the podcast dedicated to encouraging military spouses!

I’m your host Jen McDonald, and I was a military spouse for 30 years until my husband’s retirement. We lived all around the world, raised four kids, and dealt with all the challenges and adventures of military life, just like you! I’m also the author of two books for military spouses. Over the years, I came to believe that we military spouses are tough, but we're only stronger together. Whether you’re a new or more seasoned spouse…Whatever life is throwing your way?  Let’s talk about it!

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Sep 22, 2023

On this episode, I'm discussing the issues that spring up with deployment and reintegration with guest Terri Laurent, a seasoned military spouse who’s sharing a ton of wisdom.

This episode is a "best of" from waaaay back on Episode 34. 

Have you dealt with the emotional build up leading up to deployment? Have you...

Sep 15, 2023

Can you actually strengthen your marriage through a military deployment or separation? I believe, yes, you can! With mindfulness and intention.  

First, I'm sharing some tips from my experiences, then we’ll be hearing from other military spouses who’ve weathered deployments and separations.

Mentioned in this...

Aug 18, 2023

Life as a military spouse is an intricate dance of challenges and uncertainties, along with so many adventures. On this “best of” episode, we revisit one of my favorite interviews. I’m talking to author Lisa Molinari about her military spouse journey, and how she’s found solace and strength through humor and...

Jul 13, 2023

It's PCS move season and it's the perfect time to share some helpful resources for your military family. 

Military life usually comes with a guarantee of change, and one of the most inevitable changes is moving. Whether you're a seasoned military family or embarking on your first Permanent Change of Station (PCS),...

Jul 6, 2023

On this Best Of episode, we're bringing back some tips for making a move with a baby, all from experienced military spouses!

Whether you're relocating stateside or embarking on an overseas adventure, moving with a baby as a military family can be quite a challenge. The logistics of travel, the emotional adjustments,...